Top 3 Connections Between Small Business Ownership, Entrepreneurialism and Surfing

If you’re riding the big wave of small business ownership, entrepreneurialism or surfing in Orange County, California, to achieve results you need to understand that form follows function. Dreaming and preparing are the driving forces behind taking action, whether it’s surfing, owning a small business or exploring entrepreneurship. To deliver results, a fast, flexible, fundable and scalable vehicle is essential. The top three connections between surfing and small business ventures include the following:

  1. Sharpening your board. Surfers know that the sharper the tip of a surfboard, the faster it will go. A unique selling proposition is a good starting point, but many entrepreneurs make the mistake of stopping there. You have to sharpen your pitch by clearly articulating a product or idea for your target audience.
  2. Accelerating success by mitigating risks. Starting a small business is similar to surfing for the first time. Planning for reduced risk in anticipated or uncertain situations enables you to establish methods for handling that risk. The result is accelerated success.
  3. Creating value. Nearly anything of value is risky, including the big wave or a new business venture. The key is understanding the risks before you leap into diversification. Establishing a winning concept, whether in surfing or entrepreneurialism, allows you to create value and manage whatever circumstances you encounter.

Few small business owners or entrepreneurs start by taking on the big waves. The difference between those who just imagine and plan and people who design and develop is taking action. The immediate intention of a surfer is to jump in the water, stand up on the board and stay on top of it. The long-term objective is riding a great wave. As an entrepreneur, the immediate focus is on self-funding or finding creative financing for the business venture quickly. The long-term goal is to ride a great wave of innovation and produce significant value.

Surfing and Entrepreneurship
Surfing and Entrepreneurship

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