4 Apps To Improve Your Personal Finances


Money is one of the major concerns people have in life. Concerns range from not making enough to spending too much for having too much debt, but the bottom line is people have some kind of financial worry. Creating and developing a budget is essential to ensure your way to financial security. With the national student loan debt being over 1 trillion dollars and a multitude of adults neglecting their saving for retirement, it’s important to take control over your financial situation.

If you don’t know where to begin, it can be alarming for those dipping their toes into the world of budgeting. Below I have listed four apps that will help to begin your journey towards financial stability.

Mint – Iphone, Web, Android, Windows 8
Available on a variety of platforms, Mint has received a considerable amount of press over the past several years. Mint’s technology is fantastic for viewing the big picture of where your money is being spent or saved. It tracks your bank accounts, investments and credit cards so a clear picture is defined of how you should be dividing everything up. The program allows you to create different budgets and project for future expenses. With beautiful visuals, Mint is a great tool to add to your daily routine.

Budget Boss – Iphone
Available only on the iPhone, Budget Boss is fantastic for an easy way to make a budget. Providing stunning illustrations to give you a visual reference, it helps to ensure you are not accidentally spending more than you expect. The one thing that really sets this program apart is the fact the app can predict your spending habits based off the information you provide. So, it may open to your eyes to how much you are really spending on that Starbucks coffee!

Yodlee – Web
Originally set up for banks, Yodlee has expanded into the private market. As a free tool, Yodlee gives people a great overview of their expenses with detailed diagrams. As it’s a read-only device, you never need to worry about anyone obtaining your information and using it. Currently Yodlee has over a million consumers and works closely with over 750 banks.

You Need A Budget – Web, Windows, Mac
YNAB is one of the leading apps in creating a budget and sticking to it. With a clear design, it makes it very easy to see where your money is going and providing tools to reach your goals. Outlined by their four “rules”, YNAB turns you into a financial superhero.


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