Best Southern California Surf Spots

Surfing a BarrellWhen you think about surfing, one of the first places that come to mind has to be Southern California. Southern California is home some of the greatest and most surfed spots in not only the USA but all of the world. The entire coastline is filled with top tier surfing, that every surfer in the world has to come surf at least once on their life.


Located in Los Angeles County, this world class point break is home to one of longest waves around. Equipped with several points that get a little punchier as you move further north. One of the downsides is the huge crowds these waves attract. Both the sizes of these crowds as well as the lack of experience in some of the surfers, who also don’t demonstrate proper surf etiquette


A world class surf spot in San Diego County, the right point break is usually best during the winter. The surf holds up, ranging in 2 to 12 plus feet. The crowds are bearable, but by no means small. The rights are absolutely perfect, and with that locals can be a little grumpy, but other than that Swamis is a must surf spot.


Located in San Diego County, just north of Swamis in Encinitas. A nice sandy beach break is full of lefts and rights, and the waves are fast too. With the surf being a little more advanced, seasoned surfers can enjoy smaller crowds, and find others who know how to surf well.

Salt Creek

Found in Orange County, Salt Creek is one of the cleanest and most powerful lefts you’ll find in southern California. With two main breaks that provide drastically different experiences, the first is the The Point. The Point is a nice, powerful left, that allows for amazing maneuvers. The other is know as The Middles, and is also a great hollow break closer to the shore. Sometimes the breaks connect, and treat surfers with a long, speedy ride.


Considered by many to be the best beach that Southern California has to offer. Blacks have three main peaks that provide some amazing waves with any swell direction. The world class break will pump out some amazing waves and barrels anywhere from two feet and as big as any surfer could imagine. It’s not uncommon for surfers to hit their biggest barrels while riding at blacks.

The Wedge

Found in Newport, The Wedge offers one of the most exciting and powerful beach breaks in all of Orange County. The wave is best with the south swell. A lot of bodyboarding and bodysurfing goes on here, but let it be known that you’ll always see a large amount of surfers as well. The big hollow lefts, almost break on the sand. The only real negative is that you need to be a pretty experienced surfer to ride this wave. If you’re just jumping into the water for the first time, this wave might not be for you.


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